Dawn of Defiance

Our Official DoD Campaign Log
The story of our campaign so far...

Hello Gamers!!!

I am GM Chris, Scoundrel1978, or one of many other titles, and I am running the only officially published Wizard of the Coast Star Wars Saga Edition campaign for my best friends, my gaming group. We are currently in the process of finding a snazzy name for ourselves, or at least I am trying to… anyways, so it begins!

The Heroes of the Alderaanian Resistance have successfully progressed through the first six adventures in the campaign. We started the first adventure over a year and a half ago, and have probably had about 25 sessions total so far for this campaign. However, we will be on a break for the next couple of months, so hopefully I, no, hopefully we, will have this Blog choc-full-o info about those first six adventures by the time we resume. I’m counting on you guys(my PC’s, and yes, especially you Dave) to help get this up and going, and I will likewise do the same for you sir.

Speaking of, first off I’ll introduce Dave, and let me start by saying his character is the only character that has been in the story since the very beginning, “Traitor’s Gambit”. He is playing a genderless Miraluka Jedi named Boon Ker-loc who, at this point, has become the leader of a small, New Jedi Order- like group. There is Master Denia(currently she has been taken prisoner by a former PC ally now NPC villian, Levius, aka Darth Draconis, who was taken on as an apprentice by Inquisitor Draco before his death on Almas). Also, Master Ylenic It’kla has joined them aboard the Resurgence to assist with coordinating and training. Boon has successfully trained a padawan up to Knight, and although qualifying for Jedi Master already, has jet to take it as she is not quite ready to proclaim that title for herself(although she has definetly earned it). The three other characters she is currently influencing are all force sensitive outcasts with a common enemy, the Galactic Empire.

Next is Nathan(aka “Gypsy”), who’s character came in during the second adventure, “Queen of Air and Darkness”. His character is Mal, a human scoundrel/gunslinger, who can dish out a hella damage with his pistol and has been slowly but surely becoming more and more proficient with his lightsaber. He has become a part of this New Jedi Order that has begun to take shape over the last couple of years.

The other characters in the story have come and gone, some have died, others have just moved on, but I believe that the current members will be here for the rest of the story. They are new to the story, as this sixth adventure was their as well as their character’s first adventure in this campaign. So, without further ado, I will introduce the the two newest members to the group.

They are Todd and Chris(aka “Parker”). Both are playing force sensitives, and Todd’s a Human Soldier/Elite Trooper named Jackson who likes big guns, jet packs, and Battle Strike. He really brings the “New” to the New Jedi Order theme that has been evolving as the PCs progress with “The Sarlacc Project Investigation”. Then, there’s Gorleck, a Near Human Jedi/Dualist hailing from the Unknown Regions. He has four arms, and is being played by Parker, who doesn’t have four arms, just forearms.

I think this will conclude the Official start to our Campaign’s online blog, so until next time… May your Force Points be well rolled, and your Destiny Points well spent!


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